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  Prof. Anton Grcar the University professor on the Academy of Music in Ljubljana

By comparing the D.I.T. with the B.E.R.P. and similar expedients I need to express my thanks and acknowledgment to professor Igor Marosevic, who has throughout the years of experimenting developed an expedient for vibration on the mouthpiece which is called the D.I.T. (that means Daily Intellectual Training). The D.I.T. has absolute advantage over similar kinds of expedients that exist in the world.
The D.I.T. warns the trumpeter that he does not use the proper tension by playing separate tones or the sequence of tones (usually there is too much tension being used, but sometimes even too little). The pitch of the tone on the D.I.T. and the one on the instrument have to be in total harmony. The D.I.T. is very sensitive and it perceives every mistake of the embouchure (that means the muscles that surround the embouchure).
1. The D.I.T. is an excellent expedient for determining the embouchure. We could also say that it is the corrector of the air stream, it directs the air stream, or it is the tuner of the tones on the instrument etc.
2. It is very practical because it does not require constant transposing of the mouthpiece.
3. Whenever we are not absolutely certain about the pitch of the tone, we have control of the intonation near at hand.

Because of all that I recommend the D.I.T. as an essential part of the warm-up practices to every brass player at the beginning of playing on the brass instrument. That goes for both beginners and professionals. The D.I.T. enables someone to stay on the right track until,namely, too often someone can go off tracks.

Prof. Anton Grcar

Tibor Kerekes the prime trumpeter of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society

The D.I.T. enables us a total control over the instrument, it enables us to establish balance among the air column, the pressure of the mouthpiece and the resistance. I have a total control by centering focusing the tones inside the whole register.

Tibor Kerekes

Domen Jerasa the prime trombonist of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society

I have never been in favour of playing on the mouthpiece. D.I.T. convinced me and even pointed out the mistakes that I could not solve by myself. With the D.I.T. you can check yourself every moment, because you are in a close contact with the instrument all the time. The D.I.T. enables a brass player the right blowing into the instrument, which is of essential importance for brass playing. The D.I.T. is an invention, it is an expedient for brass players, which will soon be a part of every decent household.

Domen Jerasa

Justin Felicijan the prime horn player the soloist of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society's Symphonic Orchestra

I have tested the D.I.T. and I have been using it in practice for a few months by everyday preparation for exacting playing in the Orchestra or in the chamber groups.
The D.I.T. is an expedient that intransigently takes care of the proper oral muscles activity and by the improper placing of the mouthpiece it persistently leads to the correction of the embouchure. By doing that it helps creating the optimal muscle activity, which enables a smaller consumption of energy and higher efficacy.
It is much easier with the D.I.T. for beginners as well as for older musicians to establish the best personal embouchure.
Since there is no need of replacing the mouthpiece, the practice is pleasant and the posture of the instrument remains unchanged during the using of D.I.T. and after it.

Thank you for the exceptional present to all the brass players!

Justin Felicijan

Janez Znidarsic the tuba player of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society

My observations by using the D.I.T. are the following:
It is very useful by overconsturcting, or by setting atacca in all the registers. By playing with the D.I.T. the supplied air is used more economically and the D.I.T. also improves the quality of the tone (the vibration in the mouthpiece).
It is a very precise indicator of the mistakes which are present even if we ourselves do not notice them during the playing. It reveals all the abstruseness regarding the basis, and that can be very painful for someone who has played the instrument for quite some time.
I think this is a very good invention for everybody who wants to improve tuba playing. I do not recommend it to the very beginners because a scholarbeginner can be dissuaded from the instrument itself.
I personally find the D.I.T. very helpful by everyday playing and warm-up practices. Ever since I started using it, my atacca and my intonation have improved. I also dont get tired as quickly as I used to, because the use of the air column is much better. In short excellent. I wish everybody who will be using the D.I.T. a lot of success.

Thanks to Mr. Marosevic for this wonderful invention.

Janez Znidarsic

Joze Zitnik the trumpeter of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society

Excellent it works!

Joze Zitnik

Dejan Glamocak the trumpeter of the Slovenian Philharmonic Society

The D.I.T. is a unique expedient which helps us to be aware of the air column support and by that consequently also of centering the tones.

Dejan Glamocak
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