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  What is the D.I.T.?

The D.I.T. is the only expedient in the world that enables a brass player full control over his playing in any given moment.
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How is it possible?

The D.I.T. is a device, which is set on a mouthpiece. This device enables us to direct the airstream either through an instrument or past an instrument. When the airstream goes through an instrument, it is the instrument that makes a sound and when it goes past an instrument, it is the mouthpiece that makes a sound, but there are also states between the two possibilities (see the picture above). When the airstream goes through an instrument and the D.I.T. is in its open position, we deal with normal brass playing as we have known it up till now. In all the other positions we come upon something that is completely new.

The D.I.T. characteristics:

As already mentioned, playing on a mouthpiece with the D.I.T. in its closed position is identical to the playing on an instrument with an ordinary mouthpiece. But using the D.I.T. in its open position enables us for the first time in the history of brass instruments to play on the same conditions as by playing on an instrument. The possibility of an instantaneous switch from one extreme position of the D.I.T. to the other enables us transition from the sounding of an instrument to the sounding of a mouthpiece (and vice versa) during the playing: in every moment, without removing a mouthpiece from lips, in the whole register, in all the dynamic levels, with the same sensation, with the same pressure, with the same resistance, with the perfect control over intonation, with the perfect control over centering the tones, with the same support of the airstream, by the same posture of arms, by the same posture and inclination of an instrument and with the possibility of further playing either on a mouthpiece or an instrument.


All the possibilities mentioned above (each of them benefits us by everyday practice and subsequently very much improves our brass playing) are described under The details. Besides you can read under The details the advantages as well as the background of the D.I.T. in all intermediate positions and everything else that we have left out in our short description.
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